Jimmy's Hall stars Barry Ward and Simone Kirby spoke to TEN's Alan Corr about working with director Ken Loach on the film.

The Irish actors play the lead roles in Loach's new drama, taking on the roles of Jimmy and Oonagh, old flames who are drawn to each other again against a backdrop of upheaval in 1930s Leitrim. 

When asked if working with Loach was different to their usual on-set experiences, Kirby told TEN: "He's quite different, you first of all don't get a script. So we were given maybe the first 30 pages at the beginning and then after that you were given a couple of scenes a day or two in advance. Sometimes you're completely surprised when you're on set.

"You shoot everything in sequence which is great because a lot the time you film things and then you go back and you film something that may have happened a few scenes before. But he shoots everything in sequence which is great."

Ward added: "Also the audition process was quite intense. By the time you arrive on set you were well prepared for anything they were going to throw at you."

Jimmy's Hall is in cinemas now.