Dramatist Andrew Davies has revealed that his wife, Diana Huntley, needed subtitles to watch the Dublin-set 1950s crime drama Quirke because she could not understand what the actors were saying.

Davies wrote some of the screenplays for Quirke, which is based on the Benjamin Black books of John Banville and stars Gabriel Byrne.

Following viewer complaints to the BBC about the sound quality of the series, Davies told RadioTimes.com: "I could hear it because I knew what the words were and I think that's often the problem with the people in the production - when you know what the lines are, there's a tendency to think you've heard them alright, whereas if you didn't know the thing, maybe you wouldn't."

He added: "It's a funny thing, mumbling. It's a bit to do with actors, a bit do with modern, flat-screen televisions and both my wife and I are of an age where our hearing is beginning to go."