Kevin Spacey has recalled how he was once mistaken for Phil Collins and how he played along and even signed an autograph for his confused admirer.

Taking part in a Q&A with readers in The Guardian newspaper, Spacey said, "I was in a piano bar. Some guy was absolutely convinced that I was that musician . . . what's his name? The guy in Genesis? Phil Collins! To the point that I even out on a British accent and signed a napkin as him."

Spacey, who is currently playing American lawyer Clarence Darrow in London's Old Vic, also talked about his "top three all-time favourite Kevins".

"The ones I'm constantly mistaken for. I was in a bar in Boston with these policemen - it was one year on from the marathon bombing," he said.

"This girl sidled up and said, `Oh my god, it's you . . . Kevin Bacon!" And all of us went, `Aaaarrrrgh.' How brilliant is that? I get Kevin Bacon, I get Kevin Costner."