Happy hitmaker Pharrell Williams would love to get into the studio to work on material with Prince - and his wish list doesn't stop there.

The 41-year-old star insists it would be his dream to team-up with the Purple Rain singer, while admitting that he would also love to collaborate with Steely Dan, Donald Fagen and Elton John.

Speaking to KISS FM, he said: ''I'd love to work with Prince. I would love to work with Steely Dan, Donald Fagen, I'd love to work with Elton John ... [Prince] makes us wonder why we all do this.''

Pharrell further stated that he would be interested in writing the next James Bond them song, adding: ''If they asked me to do it, like my own version? Yeah! Course! It'd be so fun. When The Beatles did it, it was amazing. Who wouldn't want that opportunity?''

When quizzed about recent rumours that he teamed-up with Usher, Pharrell said: ''I have to leave it up to him and his words, and how he wants to divulge and tell people.

''He has this way of revealing things so I'm going to respectfully stand back. But I will say that he has one of the most masterful voices, underrated, people really don't understand the depth and the skill that that dude has.

''And how would I know unless we had done something recently, but I don't know because... How would I know?''