Charlize Theron has said she feels more creative since she has had children as her son has given her 'energy to want to do more and explore more'.

The A Million Ways To Die In The West star told Hello magazine: "I've heard people say that once they have children they don't want to take on dark material any more, but that hasn't happened for me.

"If anything, having a child makes me want to be more creative and ask bigger questions and have more interest in things that might be uncomfortable. We all have different responses, but for me, I didn't look at my slate and go, 'Oh God, I can't do that movie now I have a kid'. He just gives me energy to want to do more and explore more."

Theron, who is currently dating Sean Penn, added that her two-year-old son can be bossy: "Well, he's the epitome of a little boy – and by that I mean a dictator. There's a lot of, 'Sit, mom, sit' and me going, 'No, don't touch'. Then I'll look at my mom and she'll go, 'You were exactly the same'. But I don't believe that. I think I was really nice and polite."