Taylor Swift says she's keen to finish her next album, describing it as "already my favourite thing that I've ever created."

The singer talked about her next release in a press conference in Japan, "We are not going to announce some other leg of the tour, but what that does mean is that I can throw myself into the next project.

"I've already been working very hard on it and it's already my favourite thing that I've ever created. So the idea that after Asia, I get to go back and finish everything and get everything completely done and completely wrapped up for a new project, it's very exciting."

Swift added that her song writing will continue to evolve but as she writes about personal experiences she's sure her fans will still be able to relate to her music,

"As I've grown up, the things I've written about have completely evolved with how I was growing. I was writing songs about what it was like to be 18, what it was like to be 20, what it's like to be 22, and now I'm 24 and I'm still writing songs about my life.

"I think I really just love the unity it brings me and the audience because chances are they've felt the exact same way I felt when I wrote the song and I think it kind of reminds them - and it reminds me - that the human experience isn't so lonely."