John Cleese will be unable to perform any of his near-aerobatic high stepping from the Ministry of Walks in Monty Python's upcoming return to the live arena due a series of knee operations.

Fellow Python Michael Palin says his 74-year-old co-star will be unable to perform the famous leg action for Monty Python Live (mostly) at London's O2 Arena this July.

He told The Sunday Times: “We can still sing, so there will be the songs. John won’t be doing the silly walks because he’s had his knee operations, and those leg kicks were pretty acrobatic.”

Palin also said the shows, which are expected to be the comedy troupe's final appearances, will feature a mix of modern references and classic sketches, including the much-loved Dead Parrot sketch, Upper-Class Twits, and the first ever stage performance of the Spanish Inquisition scene.

Cleese first performed The Ministry of Silly Walks sketch on Monty Python's Flying Circus in 1970.