Home and Away's Ada Nicodemou has revealed that her character Leah Patterson-Baker is set to find love again on the Australian soap.

Speaking to Digital Spy about the upcoming storylines, which they are currently filming, Nicodemou said: "There will be some romance eventually! We film quite far in advance, but there are definitely some love scenes and stories coming up. It's really nice to see Leah finally happy."

Commenting on Leah's unlucky-in-love past, she added: "She is so unlucky in love and we all joke on set that Leah is the black widow! When any actor comes in and is cast opposite me, we feel sorry for them because we know something bad is going to happen to them! I hope this time around this doesn't happen, but I can't guarantee that, I'm not sure what happens yet as we've only just started filming it."

The star also revealed that the role of her son on the soap, VJ, has been recast with Felix Dean filming his final scenes earlier this year, "Felix has been on the show for years and I've seen him grow up. I'm quite close to him and he comes over for dinner with his real-life mum. It was sad to see him go, but I will still see him anyway.

"We've got a new bloke, Matt, who's started in the role. He is really lovely and eager. I think he's going to be really, really popular as well. VJ does leave the screens for a while and then he comes back definitely grown up! He's quite a big boy now, as physically they wanted him to grow up a bit and look a little bit older."