At 41, Vanessa Paradis juggles movies, music and modelling. The French actress can be seen in John Turturro’s new movie, Fading Gigolo, which also stars Woody Allen.

"Woody Allen is just like you see in his movies," she recently told The Independent. "He's an improviser. And he's such a funny improviser."

She has a home in Paris and one in Los Angeles. She shares custody of her two children, Lily-Rose, 15 and Jack, 12, with actor Johnny Depp. After a 14-year relationship, they parted two years ago.

In June, the singer will air songs from her current album, Love Songs, with a one-off UK show at the Forum in London.

"And it's risky, “ she says of the singing. "Some days you wake up, you don't have your voice, you're tired, you're this, you're that. But at night for two hours, ooh, you just push the adrenalin to the max.

She is hugely admiring of musicians, “and just the way their instrument is like another part of their body. Then the community life with the crew, the sound, the light, everybody going on the road together. “

Meanwhile,  Paradis' 23-year professional relationship with Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel continues, but she feels potentially `replaceable.’

“Cos fashion needs new people. Cinema, I guess, also. Music is different – music, I guess, is more protective. Obviously you dream of somebody's voice, but also it's a lot about what the music does to you. But fashion… "it's less of a free world. It has to do with what people want to see, who they want right now."