Diana Krall’s next studio album is likely to feature tracks by her fellow Canadians, Neil Young and Gordon Lightfoot, as well as a new composition by Paul McCartney.

Speaking to The Oregonian online newspaper, Krall described the McCartney song as an outtake from his Kisses on the Bottom album, released in 2012. Krall had helped McCartney with the arrangements on that album.

"I still had a copy of the music and I asked him if he was OK if I did the song for my record and he said 'sure,' so we recorded that and it came out just gorgeous," she said. "It's a new Paul McCartney song that's never been recorded that I'm pretty honored to have."

Grammy winner Krall, who is married to Elvis Costello, demoed 18 tracks in seven days for what she insists will be a pop album. "I didn't want any re-harms or jazz chords in it," she said.

"I wanted it to be our take on the same changes that they wrote, just a different rendition. It's a pop record. That's a new thing for me."

Krall hopes to release the as yet untitled album this autumn, which would make it her first studio release since 2012's Glad Rag Doll. That album came in number six on the Billboard 200 and at number one on the Jazz Albums chart.