Departing Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has revealed that she has been taking acting lessons since she finished filming on the soap.

Her character, Tina McIntyre, will be seen plunging to her death on the show this evening.

Speaking to the Radio Times she said “I'm having more training, which I'm doing for confidence. I've been playing one character for over six years and I need to refresh.

“So I'm having one-to-one classes and some dialect coaching for accents."

She added: “I've got a very strong Manchester accent and it can be easier to get a part if you're able to neutralise it."

Speaking about her future, she said: “I want to do some more TV, because the thought of going out on to a stage petrifies me. I'd like to do something with Ricky Gervais - I love his sense of humour and his writing. And I've always wanted to do a period drama.”