Kate Hudson has revealed she doesn't approve of the upcoming Private Benjamin remake.

The original 1980 film starred Hudson's mother Goldie Hawn, and it was recently announced that Rebel Wilson would head the cast of the reboot.

The classic comedy, which tells the story of a spoiled socialite who inadvertently joins the US Army, was nominated for three Oscars, including Best Actress and Best Screenplay.

When asked by Access Hollywood about the project, Hudson replied: "(My mum) not only created (that role), she produced it. I think it's best not to touch those things, personally. I also think that, you know, it's not gonna be the same."

She added: "What I loved about that film was what it stood for women in film. Because Private Benjamin was two women, Nancy Meyers and my mum, writing.

"My mum didn't write it, Nancy and Chuck (Shyer) did, but (they were) writing a script, producing, which never was done in Hollywood – a female movie star producing her own work. She spearheaded that.

"She went in there and she was like, 'I'm gonna produce movies for myself', and she got a reputation for being sometimes a bit more difficult because, how I see it is because she was a female going in there and saying, 'OK, well I'm gonna take control now', and there was a lot of people who had a difficult time with that.

"So that movie, to me, represents a lot more than just (a movie)… I just think that one particularly is probably best left (alone)."