Midnight Run hitmaker Example never knew ''how to sing or rap'' when he first started out in his career.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the 31-year-old star said: ''I've learned on the job. I've worked extremely hard and haven't given up, it hasn't been a jolly.

''I've been happy in the studio and in terms of music. I've adapted to things as they have been thrown at me because I never really knew how to work in the studio or write a song.

''I never even knew how to sing or rap. The whole thing has been a learning curve.''

Example, real name Elliot Gleave, further explained that his confidence as a singer has grown, adding : ''I never had the confidence to sing before. I always felt that my voice didn't sound pure or sweet or tuneful like everyone else's.

''I was a spotty little teenager with dyed blond hair and my red Moschino jeans. When I started writing my own lyrics I wanted to sing but never had the confidence. When you listen to radio nowadays everyone has got a perfect, tuneful, soulful voice. And back in the Sixties and Seventies everyone didn't have a perfect voice.

''Not even the likes of Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart and David Bowie. Their voices are raw and real. I like to think my voice is more unique than a great-sounding voice. It is like Marmite. But I tend to find a lot of people come up to me and they like the uniqueness of my voice. It's a bit gravely. It tells a story more than the person who has been classically trained or has a perfect R&B soul voice. I think it is nice to be dividing. I'm happy with that.''