With Godzilla now in Irish cinemas, director Gareth Edwards has told RTÉ TEN that Lord of the Rings star Andy Serkis' work as a motion capture consultant on his film forced him to discover the monster's identity.

Edwards said of Serkis: "Andy's this genius actor. I think he's phenomenal - forget motion capture, he's just a great actor."

He continued: "It's funny, because with every actor, whoever you meet, the sort of cliché is, 'What's my motivation?'. In some way or other they all ask that question.

"And so Andy was like, 'What's Godzilla's motivation? What's he trying to do? What's he thinking? What does he want?' It's a really important question to ask and he prised it out of me." 

Edwards added: "You kind of find [out] who is Godzilla. We said, 'If he was a real person who would he be?'

"The answer ended up being like the last samurai - an ancient warrior whose kind had long since died out. [A] Very lonely but noble figure that keeps to himself whenever possible. And it's only because of what we do that he's forced to come and correct the situation."