Drew Barrymore has discussed how her difficult childhood has affected her parenting style saying she just wants to get it right for her children.

Barrymore, who rose to fame aged six after starring in ET and entered rehab at 13-years-old for drug and alcohol addiction, told the Daily Mail, "I grew up under the microscope.

"I would never have raised children in the haphazard environment in which I grew up. As a mum I just want to get it right. I probably wouldn't have had kids unless I had settled down and become mature and met the right person. My husband has good values and so do his family. That was very attractive to me."

She continued, "We live close to my in-laws. Yeah, I know, most people don't like their in-laws. Well, maybe it's karma but mine are great. I had tough parents growing up – now great in-laws. It all gets balanced out.

"There was nobody showing me the way, but then later I chose people who I thought would provide a good example. I've always admired those who have their lives together and who are emotionally stable. I never want to repeat my upbringing."

The Blended star has two daughters Olivia and Frankie with her husband Will Kopelman.