Anna Wintour has praised Benedict Cumberbatch's style at this year's Met Gala, saying he "nailed" the white tie theme.

The US Vogue editor appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers alongside Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, where she explained why they chose this year's theme.

She said she "felt it would reflect the theme of the exhibition of Charles James, the designer who primarily worked in the 50s when men did still wear white ties."

Wintour added: "Women traditionally have to spend so much time thinking about what they are going to wear and we felt it was finally time to turn the tables.

"I had no idea into how much panic this would make the men of New York and all over the world think about their outfits."

The style winner on the night for Wintour was Sherlock star Cumberbatch, saying of the actor: "He nailed it".

Parker added: "I told him, 'You brought a little bit of class.' He elevated the evening."