Hugh Jackman has revealed he has been treated for skin cancer for the second time. 

The 45-year-old Wolverine actor, who already had cancerous cells removed from his nose last November, has revealed he has had to undergo the same treatment again this week.

Jackman took to Instagram to share his latest health scare and urged his followers to wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun's harmful rays.

He shared a picture of himself with a bandaged nose and wrote: ''Another Basel Cell Carsinoma. All out now. Thanks Dr. Albom and Dr. Arian. PLEASE! PLEASE! WEAR SUNSCREEN! (sic).

''Huge thanks to Dr. Arian and Dr. Born for operating on my nose until 10:20pm! #SUNSCREEN (sic)''

Basel Cell Carsinoma (BCC) is a treatable and common form of skin cancer signified by lesions or growths on the outermost layer of the skin that ''often look like open sores, red patches, pink growths, shiny bumps, or scars'' and are ''usually caused by a combination of cumulative UV exposure and intense, occasional UV exposure, the Skin Cancer Foundation says.

Although it generally doesn't spread, the organisation warn that it can be disfiguring if not treated quickly.

Jackman's wife Deborra-Lee Furness was the one who urged him to get a mark on his nose checked out.

At the time Jackman tweeted: ''Boy, was she right! I had basil cell carcinoma.

''Please don't be foolish like me. Get yourself checked. And USE sunscreen!!! (sic)''