Dragon's Den presenter on RTÉ One and now host of Radio 1's The Business, Richard Curran is a comedy fan at heart.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, the presenter said: "Aside from the usual diet of current affairs and news, I find comedy is the best form of entertainment for me.

"I love comedy shows on TV like Barry Murphy's Angela Merkel impersonations, or Republic of Telly or the Mario Rosenstock show. I also listen to a lot of music. My absolute favourite radio show is Aled Jones's programme on Sunday mornings on Classic FM - I know, I'm getting old!!"

His Dragon’s Den has definitely helped with presenting The Business: "Dragon's Den gives a great insight into the real world of business. It's about ordinary guys setting up businesses and then trying to seek investment.

"It goes beyond issues of policy, or stock markets or even profit and loss.

"I have learned an awful lot from the 450 or so pitches I have seen in the Den over the last six years and I hope to bring that with me into the radio studio for The Business. When I sit down to interview an entrepreneur I think I have a good idea of what it is actually like."

Tune in to The Business, RTÉ Radio 1, Saturdays at 10am.

He also thinks that the Irish version of Dragon’s Den has moved on from comparisons to the UK and American versions of the show: "I think it has. At the beginning it was good that so many people knew the programme concept and name from the BBC. But equally, it was a tough act to follow. From the start, the RTÉ show has put a very Irish stamp on things. The approach taken by the Dragons, the kind of conversations that happen during the pitches are all very different. In fact, the British version could learn a lot from the Irish version when it comes to relaxing and having a bit of a laugh every now and again.

"The Dragons Den franchise has been done in 14 different countries. Ireland is the first territory to do a Juniors Dragons Den programme. It was a first and I think people really liked it."
What can we look forward to on The Business on RTÉ Radio 1, Saturdays at 10am? "The economy is getting interesting again. Over the last few years it has dominated the news agenda, but there was only one story - a pretty grim one. With signs of things improving, there are different types of stories out there. I would like the programme to continue to reach a broad audience from the business professional, to someone interested in buying a house and from people with no previous interest in business, to those who want to learn more about it.

"Business is part of the economy, but so too is work and employment. We want to keep bringing listeners accessible, interesting and hopefully insightful items about the world of work, business and the economy. We plan to host a number of high profile one to one interviews as well as some themed shows where we debate a big issue of the day. 
Now that he's in the driving seat on both Dragon’s Den and The Business, what change would you like to see the most with Irish entrepreneurs/businesses as we climb out of the recession?
"Short term thinking got us all in trouble. I would like to see business people in Ireland develop a more long term approach to their thinking, from investing in property, to building businesses and thinking about who they hire and why. It would be great to think that we had all truly learned from the mistakes of the past, while also fully acknowledging the achievements too."