The Dylanologists: Adventures in the Land of Bob is a new book by author David Kinney which looks at the Dylan fanatics 
"who’d rather live Bob Dylan’s lives than their own." 

The 210-page work begins with pilgrims visiting Hibbing, the town in Minnesota where Dylan aka Robert Zimmerman grew up, to catch their hero on the day he returns home for his brother’s mother-in-law’s funeral.

Dylan appears to have eluded their gaze, but Kinney talks to fans and discovers that some of them eat cherry pie because Dylan did. The assembled Dylanologists also tell him that Dylan himself was also a hero worshipper, having visited John Lennon’s childhood abode in Liverpool.

Dylan is also reputed to have kissed the floor in Sun Studios where Elvis Presley stood to sing That’s All Right in 1954.

These so-called Dylanologists travel from concert to concert, endlessy discussing the differences between gigs and versions of the classic repertoire, secreting camera lens in the bottom of coffee flasks. Ultimately, the Dylanologists are the people "who’d rather live Bob Dylan’s lives than their own." 

“Why is it when people talk about me, they have to go crazy?", Dylan said in a Rolling Stone interview for his Tempest album in 2012.

50 years prior to that interview, he already had many fanatics on his trail, tracing every move he made and interpreting his enigmatic lyrics.