Eastenders star Jake Wood has claimed that the BBC soaps's bosses are planning to film 15 different endings to the Lucy Beale murder mystery.

The show launched a long-running whodunnit storyline at Easter when Lucy was found dead on Walford Common.

Wood's character Max Branning is one of the many suspects in the murder, but the actor revealed that even he may only discover the outcome when the reveal episode airs, which is slated to be February 2015 to coincide with the show's 30th anniversary.

When asked if Max was the culprit, Wood told ITV's Good Morning Britain today (May 5): "I genuinely don't know. I think there's about four people in the world who know at the moment. I'm certainly not one of them."

When discussing the episodes which will see the killer revealed, Wood said: "We'll probably film those episodes about Christmas time. Even then, they have done it where they still won't tell the rest of the cast. 

"I spoke to Dominic, our boss - he said they're going to film about 15 different endings. So again we might just find out on the night it goes out."

The outcome of the murder storyline has already been decided by show bosses, but filming multiple outcomes helps to prevent leaks from the set.

Wood added that he is still convinced Max's daughter Abi is the killer, saying: "We're all pointing the finger at each other. I think it possibly could be Max's daughter Abi. That's only my personal guess, I'm not an established source, but she's very quiet! We've not seen much of her. Who knows? 

"I'm guessing the same as everyone else. It's partly why it's hopefully so exciting for the viewers, because the actors don't have a clue."