69-year old singer Rod Stewart recently gave up playing soccer, because he says that the game is too hard on his knees,

However, he has told the Las Vegas Sun that he will continue to kick those soccer balls into the audience every night in Vegas, as he has done around the world, including his sell-out Dublin shows.

“The show wouldn’t be the show if I stopped kicking out those footballs,” Stewart tells the paper. “It would be like not playing Maggie May, you know.”

Apparently, the footballs he kicks are much treasured. “I’ve seen fights and blows, even between women, although I don’t encourage that. It is extraordinary the lengths people would go to, to get a hold of a [soccer] ball…I’ll see somebody in the audience that haven’t applauded all night, they just sit there with their hands in their pockets and, of course, when the balls come, they’re just up and jumping. I just look and I go, ‘No chance mate, you’re not getting one.’”

Rod believes that he is now "a much better entertainer and communicator" than he was 30 years ago.