Adam Clayton opened up about his experience with depression on last night's (May 2) Late Late Show.

The U2 star, who was bringing awareness to The Walk In My Shoe campaign, said that he turned to music to help him cope with depression in his youth.

He explained: “From being a teenager on I had a low-level depression and I found that music relieved that and I think that’s why I went into music. When your career starts to take off there’s always distraction, there’s always something else to do, some other place to go and I found that when I was working, when I was on tour I was fine, but it was when I got home after the tour I didn’t know what to do.

"My drinking increased and increased and because I kept being successful it was covered up and taken care of and I’m in a band with three great guys who put up with me...”

When Ryan asked where it all went wrong, Clayton explained: “I had a string of failed relationships, I had a string of excuses for why my life wasn’t going well, I had a string of excuses to explain why I wasn’t as good a musician as I aspired to be and I just got sick of that.”

However, the musician eventually sought help: “Well actually I went to Eric Clapton. I was very lucky, somebody gave me his number and he said 'Well there’s only one thing you can do and that’s go to rehab' and he told me a place to go that he recommended was a good place and I said 'well, if he’s telling me to go do that that’s what I’m gonna do' and that was when I started listening to what other people said to me instead of doing the exact opposite of what people said to me”

The bassist also spoke about U2's new album, saying: “We’ve been working to get it finished this summer which is what we’re planning to do and hopefully have something out by the end of the year.”

Clayton, who married Brazilian model Mariana Teixeira De Carvalho in September 2013, opened up about married life.

He shared: “If I’d known it was this great and this easy I’d have done it years ago, but I guess I didn’t know Mariana then. I’m pretty settled, she kind of encourages me to get out of the house and just be riskier than I used to be and I’m up for that”