Love/Hate star Caoilfhionn Dunne has echoed comments by creator Stuart Carolan that season five of the hit crime drama is worth waiting for.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, Dunne said: “Stuart has already said that season five is going to be the best yet and he’s a man I would trust considering he wrote it!”

Laughing about how little she can say to avoid leaking any spoilers, she added: "It’s a hard one to get into for various reasons, partly because we as the cast know so little and I think that’s a great way to have it.
"It’s not a season that you want spoiled, trust me." That is more exciting than any spoiler alert in our book!
The fifth season is currently being filmed and we’ll just have to wait until it returns to our screens in the autumn to find out what happens.
Meanwhile you can hear Dunne in the new RTÉ Radio 1 play, Quartet this Sunday May 4 at 8pm.
The Dublin-born actress seems to be enjoying the variety: "I think this might be my sixth radio play with RTÉ and I love doing radio plays.
"I absolutely love coming in to play, which is what you do in these studios, you can be absolutely anything and anyone, that’s on the paper.
"I read this play by Thomas (McLaughlin) and I loved the idea of the music and women. Rarely do you get a play where your four lead characters are four powerful women."