A new version of the classic TV series The Saint is being developed.

ITV drama Prey writer Chris Lunt revealed on a BBC Radio 5 Live interview that he has been hired to write a brand new version of the classic show, which originally starred Roger Moore.

Adapted from a series of books by Leslie Charteris, The Saint spawned several reboots and a 1997 film version that featured Val Kilmer in the lead role of Robin Hood-like thief Simon Templar.

“I'm doing a reboot of The Saint, just script commissions at the moment, they are not guaranteed at the moment, but yes - that's quite exciting,” Lunt said.

He also explained that he will be heading to Hollywood with writer Ed Whitmore (Silent Witness), and that it will “have a very British feel” and will be “shot half in the UK and Europe and half globally”.

He added: “It's been produced by this American production company but they're looking for a British broadcaster to come attached. I've got a meeting with Sky soon.”

Last year, The Saint was adapted for a new series by production company MPCA, with Adam Rayner (Mistresses) playing Simon Templar, but it wasn't picked-up. MPCA are also beyond this latest version.

Lunt explained: “It's the same company that made it last year, but it was a bit of a flop, it was a bit too Americanised so they're starting again from scratch.”

He also admitted that the lead role has yet to be cast: “That is up to debate, I think we need to find a Roger Moore type, but he's got to look big and threatening and could kill you with a tea towel.”

Prey continues on Mondays on UTV.