The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb has said Dane DeHaan has Andrew Garfield to thank for his casting in the movie as Garfield really wanted him to play the villain.

Garfield, who plays Spider-Man, felt DeHaan would be the perfect Harry Osborne and Webb told of the 'brotherly relationship' that came across in their screen test.

Speaking to Wenn, Webb explained, "It was Andrew who was an advocate of him and we brought him in at the last minute. It's really about dynamics and Andrew and Dane had this brotherly relationship that emerged when they were screen testing."

Garfield added, "With Dane, I felt like we were kin. I saw him in a play in New York, Aliens, and then I did a play reading with him where we were playing Leopold and Loeb. There are actors that make you come alive and Dane is one of them. That was it for me. Then for screen test it was like we really loved each other and got each other."

DeHaan told of how hard he tried to get the chance to test for the role, "I couldn't even get an audition for this movie, for like, a really long time. They had a different idea for who they wanted for Harry. I just kept banging down the door, 'Give me a chance!' Then finally, I got my shot but it was three months of not hearing anything and I thought it was over."

He continued, "After my test I spent a week waiting by my phone. It wasn't until eight o'clock on Friday, the last second of the business day that I finally got the call that I got the role. It was just a huge battle."

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in cinemas now.