Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher has fuelled rumours of a band reunion by posting a succession of cryptic tweets on Thursday (April 24).

The 41-year-old frontman individually tweeted the letters O A S I S over the course of a few hours and then tweeted the more cryptic "OASIS LG".

The meaning of this series of tweets is so far unclear. Gallagher may have been merely mischievous, but fans were understandably excited and wondering if Oasis were getting back together.

Followers also wondered if the “LG” at the end of his final tweet meant that the band was planning to reunite to play live at this year's Glastonbury festival.

In the wake of all this social media activity, bookmaker Paddy Power suspended betting on Oasis headlining the Saturday night leg of the legendary English festival.

A big portion of the Glastonbury festival line-up was announced earlier this month. Arcade Fire and Kasabian will headline Friday and Sunday - but the Saturday headliners are unnamed 'Special Guests'.

This is unusual as Glastonbury's weekend headlining acts are traditionally confirmed as a trio.