The Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro reckons the sitcom will end in 2017.

The hit show has been renewed up to its tenth season, and Molaro has said that he expects that will be the last.

"I'm going to move forward [on the assumption] that ten is the end unless we're told otherwise," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Molaro insisted that there is no "official" end-date set for The Big Bang Theory but admitted that he "would be okay" if the show ended after three more seasons.

"My concern is that we do it right and we end this show in a way that is as befitting of these characters that we respect and love," he said.

"As long as we can have the opportunity to end it in a way that serves them all properly, that's my concern - more than the number of seasons."

Season 7 of The Big Bang Theory is currently airing on Wednesdays on RTÉ Two.