Reprise release a limited edition box set of Neil Young's recent vinyl album, A Letter Home on May 23.

The vinyl edition was first released on February 21 by Jack White’s Third Man Records. The box set will also contain a Download card for the hi-res Audiophile version of the album.

Young recorded the collection of covers with Jack White live to one-track - mono - on a refurbished 1947 Voice-O-Graph recording booth located at Third Man's Nashville headquarters.  

He describes the album as "an unheard collection of rediscovered songs from the past recorded on ancient electro-mechanical technology which captures and unleashes the essence of something that could have been gone forever."  

Songs include Bert Jansch’s Needle of Death (which inspired Young to write 1972’s Needle and the Damage Done), Bob Dylan’s Girl from the North Country, Willie Nelson’s Crazy, Don Everly’s I Wonder If I Care as Much and Bruce Springsteen’s My Home Town.

The album begins with Neil recording a spoken letter to his late mother. The box set includes a special "direct feed from the booth" audiophile vinyl version and a DVD which recorded the original electro-mechanical process utilised by Young.