Chrissie Hynde will release her first solo album, entitled Stockholm, on June 6.

The album was recorded at Ingrid Studios in Stockholm with co-writer, guitarist and producer Bjorn Yttling (Peter, Bjorn and John). The record also features guest contributions from Neil Young and John McEnroe. The record arrives six years after The Pretenders’ last album, Break Up The Concrete.

“I wanted to make a power pop album you could dance to – Abba meets John Lennon, " declares the American singer who toured the world with The Pretenders, who scored major hits with Brass in Pocket and Back on the Chain Gang. 

“I think life is serious, and you should take it seriously, but in rock 'n roll either have a laugh or don’t come to the party. So much of rock 'n roll has become what I would call 'glory rock', with family values. It’s the irreverence in rock that was always a turn on”

The album’s debut single is Dark Sunglasses. “Well this was a title that Björn presented to me – Dark Sunglasses, " the singer says. "It’s pretty lightweight, it’s not very profound, it’s more sort of just talking about, I guess you could say, the English class system or… I’m even making it sound too important. It’s not about much. It’s about a guy who wears sunglasses.”