EastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins has said Lucy Beale's death is a "game-changer", and one of three stories he wanted to tell when he took over the BBC soap.

In a BBC video, Treadwell-Collins said of Lucy's death: "It's going to change a lot of relationships on the Square and there's going to be some surprising reactions to her death - good and bad."

Treadwell-Collins continued: "Ultimately, it's a bloody good story. So viewers should tune in because it's not going to be predictable. It will shock, it will entertain, it will move."

As for the three big stories he wanted to tell, he said: "One was Carol's (Lindsey Coulson) cancer, one was a very big story for the Carters that hasn't even started yet and killing Lucy Beale."

As the soap heads towards its 30th anniversary next February, he said: "I wanted a big, epic story that put the Beales at the centre of the show - that put Ian (Adam Woodyatt), the show's only original character, at the centre of the show.

"You have to get actors out of their comfort zone, don't you? If it was all lovely and sweet and cuddly, then that's a different show. That's not EastEnders."