It is reported that Jessica Chastain is set to become the next actress to play iconic movie star Marilyn Monroe.

Thirty-seven-year-old Chastain has reportedly landed the lead role in director Andrew Dominik's new Marilyn Monroe drama, Blonde.

Chastain will replace Naomi Watts in the big-screen adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates' novel, also called Blonde, according to

Unlike My Week with Marilyn, which starred Michelle Williams, Blonde is a more in-depth look at Monroe's life, with the story told from the point of view of Norma Jeane Baker - the Some Like it Hot star's real name.

In Blonde the names of Monroe's well-known male suitors are changed to vague descriptions including The Ex-Athlete (Joe DiMaggio), The Playwright (Arthur Miller) and The President (John F. Kennedy). 

While the novel may be fictional it is highly regarded as being an accurate and intimate portrait of the actress loved by millions.