Momentum has been building since The Voice of Ireland returned to our screens and Kathryn Thomas thinks that the excitement is reaching a high for this Sundays semis.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, the presenter thinks that there is huge interest in the show right now: "I think so, we felt it in the quarter final last week because it’s quite cut throat, losing four people.

"We’ve now got six, we’re going to be losing another couple on Sunday and I think at that stage people have invested in the show. It’s been on for 17 weeks and I can’t believe...we’re going to be finished next Sunday [April 27]. It's been a great journey and we have had some fantastic singers and I think the right people are still in the competition."

Watch The Voice of Ireland semi-final on RTÉ One on Easter Sunday, April 20, at 6:30pm.

Last week on the show, 2fm's Ruth Scott spoke up for one semi-finalist in particular: "Brendan is our 2fm wild-card, he is the remaining wild-card from all 5 contestants. And you know what? We wish them all luck, but really Brendan, we’re rooting for you because we picked you.

"The boss sat us [the four 2fm wild-card judges] down before we went in to listen to the wild-cards and said now lads, you better pick someone that makes it through to the end. We laughed nervously then, and we still laugh nervously now!"

She added: "The very best of luck to you Brendan McCahey. If you’re watching the voice next Sunday night  - he’s the man with the glasses, he’s our 2fm wildcard."

Kathryn added: "He’s doing absolutely brilliantly. I’ve to be very diplomatic in not showing any bias. He’s got such a fan base and you can’t say anything bad about Brendan.

"I wish some story came out about him like he was horrendously mean and threw a big Diva strop back stage but he’s such a sweet person but he’s got big competition.

"Jamie [Stanton] is amazing as well, he’s got the Cork contingent behind him. Laura May [Lenehan] is going to come out fighting for the ladies along with Kellie [Lewis] and then you’ve got Jay [Boland] and Paddy Molloy, they’re like the gorgeous little boy band, so they’ve got plenty of support as well. So it’ll be a fight to the finish."