Mara Wilson has revealed she will not be reprising her childhood role in the Mrs Doubtfire sequel.

The former child actress, who was just 6-years-old when starred as the daughter Natalie Hillard in the 1993 hit film, has taken to Twitter to confirm that she won't be joining Robin Williams in the planned sequel. 

26-year-old Wilson wrote: ''They haven't asked me to be in it, and I think it would be weird if they did! I don't act much and am not a cute little kid anymore.

''The only reason I've said I don't want to do it is because of the literal hundreds of people asking me about it.

''I loved being in 'Doubtfire', and I'm grateful every day I had that experience. I met my sister-for-life Lisa [Jakub] there. I had a great time.

''But I don't think a sequel makes sense plotwise, and I don't think there'd be a part for me even if I did still act and was interested.''

While the idea of a sequel has been in the pipeline since 2001, when Bonnie Hunt was enlisted to pen a script, Director Chris Columbus and Williams never felt any of the drafts by Hunt or other writers were strong enough.

The project came back to life again earlier this year when Elf writer David Berenbaum became involved.