Actress Katie Holmes is reportedly being considered to replace Nigella Lawson on cooking-reality TV show, The Taste.

The former Dawson's Creek star is reportedly in the running to replace Nigella Lawson for the third series of the culinary contest after the chef was refused permission to board a flight to Los Angeles after confessing in court last year that she has taken drugs.

A source told Grazia magazine: ''Producers of 'The Taste' are looking to replace Nigella. They're keen to hear more about how Katie's planning to reinvent herself as a Martha Stewart-style culinary guru.

''It's very early days and it all depends on what happens with Nigella, but Katie is very excited and would jump at the job if it came available.''

Katie is apparently keen to reinvent herself and has apparently been in talks to make a TV show about her love of food and cooking, and sees working on 'The Taste' as a step in the right direction for her new image.

The source added: ''A meeting is planned for when she is next in LA. Katie wants a new career, loves food and is in talks about writing a cookbook. And obviously she's great on camera.''