Irish actor Chris O'Dowd has revealed he found it very touching that his wife, Dawn, took on the O from his surname. 

The 34-year-old Boyle native married the British TV personality and author in 2012 and instead of following with tradition and taking his surname, Dawn added the O and became O'Porter.

Speaking to Esquire Magazine O'Dowd explained that he didn't believe her when she first suggested it, but was thrilled with her modern approach to the old tradition. 

He said: "You know, I thought she was joking when she mentioned it at first. And then I just thought it was so cool.

"I mean she got a lot of stick for it in the UK. I think the people thought it was a silly celebrity thing or something.

"She's a feminist, so she didn't want to give her name away. But she also thought she wanted to take something of her husband's, you know, and the O is hugely meaningful. O only exists in Ireland. So you're taking on my nationality as part of your name. 

"I found it very touching. I would have loved if we were both called O'Porter."