Linda Perry is reuniting with her 4 Non Blondes bandmates 20 years after the group split.

The 90s rockers has agreed to reform at the An Evening With Women event, a once-off charity concert on May 10, which singer Linda Perry has organised for years.

However there reunion has come completely out of the blue for both the band and fans as none of the former bandmates have kept in touch since their 1994 split and a reunion was not the original plan for this year's show.

Speaking to the Associated Press Perry explained: "This year everybody's off the market, everybody's busy.

"The thought was kind of sweet. I was like, 'Oh, why don't I just for the night, just for this one event, one time only, call up the band and see if they want to be part of this?'. It's perfect, actually. It actually makes sense to do it now."

She added: "I don't talk to them at all. I have no idea what Christa (Hillhouse) has been up to. I don't know what Dawn (Richardson)'s been doing. Roger (Rocha) I've seen in the mix of things here and there. Not in a million years would I be thinking that this would be happening."

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