Ricky Gervais has opened up about his planned David Brent documentary, saying that it will be "tragic".

The actor and comedian plans to revisit his classic character from The Office for a comedy mockumentary following Brent as he attempts to make it as a musician.

According to Digital Spy, Gervais said: "I'm going to do a few more gigs. I'm thinking of filming a documentary of David Brent trying to be a pop star - he thinks it's like Scorsese doing the Rolling Stones, but really it's a Where Are They Now?

"It's going to be tragic - it's not going to be what he thinks it is."

The Muppets Most Wanted star explained that it's been "a joy" to become Brent again, saying: "I didn't want to keep Brent going because I wanted to do other things. But now I've done other things, it feels safe to revisit it. It's a joy - I got hooked again.

"I love it, particularly the songs. I'm a failed pop-star and I always sneak a song in. It's that safety net. Everyone knows that they're spoof songs, but it's still fun to do - it's still great to be a pretend rock star for a day."