James Van Der Beek has recalled the 'craziest fan story' from his days working on Dawson's Creek saying her behaviour was 'outside the realm of normal adult behaviour'.

The actor, who played the title role of Dawson on the show, said on Reddit, "Craziest fan story...hmm... I remember a woman following me out of the grocery store, wiping dirt off my car, holding up her hand and saying, 'I will take this home to my children'.

"That felt outside the realm of normal adult behaviour to me."

Van Der Beek also commented on the ups and downs the show went through saying, "When I had to convince Katie [Holmes]'s character to wear a wire to snitch on her drug dealing dad because a Molotov cocktail had been thrown through a window, I remember thinking, 'What show am I on again?'

"But then we crossed back over and got back to more relationship stuff. Six head writers in six years will take you all over the map."

Dawson's Creek ran for six seasons and also starred Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams.