Killian Scott is currently working on season five of Love/Hate which is filming in and around Dublin and he responded to newspaper reports that the hit RTÉ crime drama will end after the sixth season.  

He said: "I don't know where people get this information but it's news to me. I think the focus at the moment is season five and if there is a season six and what that will be, that is a question for a later date."

Scott has a very busy year ahead: "I've '71 which is coming out later in the year which just got picked up for US distribution. It's got [Starred Up's] Jack O'Connell in the lead role, a wonderful, young English actor. He's going to be a massive star and rightfully so.

"Then I just did my first lead role in a film called Traders which was myself and a guy called John Bradley West, who Game of Thrones fans will know as Sam and that's a really dark, really strong piece of writing from Peter Murphy and Rachel Moriarty, two Irish directors and writers."

He added: "Then I did a film with Peter Coonan in the summer called Get Up and Go, I think that title might change. It's an Irish film and I'm playing an aspiring stand-up comedian and Peter plays a reckless musician character. It's about us, a day in the life of our friendship over 24 hours.

"The next thing I'm going on to do, I start shooting a film in about two months, with Brendan [Gleeson] again and Michael Fassbender in Gloucestershire in the west of England playing a west country traveler, that'll be interesting. It's called Trespass Against Us, there's a religious theme there as well [as Calvary]."

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