Soap star Samia Ghadie has revealed her Corrie character, Maria Connor, will be behind a series of mystery texts sent to Tyrone Dobbs. 

Tyrone is set to get the fright of his life when he hears that Kirsty has been released from prison and he suddenly starts receiving text messages which are signed off, "K".

However, the texts will not be from Kirsty, in a twist of events it will actually be Tyrone's other ex-girlfriend, Maria, who is sending the texts.

The story begins when a vulnerable Maria starts to develop feelings for Tyrone once again, as she struggles to cope with her split from Marcus.

When Tyrone offers Maria support following a huge row with Todd, she misreads the signs and attempts to kiss him. 

Later, Maria texts Tyrone to apologise, but Tyrone doesn't have her new mobile number and automatically thinks it's from the newly released Kirsty.

However, when Tyrone confides in Maria over his fears, she is happy to feel needed by him and doesn't set him straight, leaving him to believe Kirsty is back on the scene. 

31-year-old Samia Ghadie who plays Maria explains: "Maria wants him to need her. And because Tyrone doesn't think he can lean on Fiz he turns to Maria for support.

"It's twisted but Maria feels wanted by Tyrone and because of that she finds it difficult to stop pretending to be Kirsty."