Kodaline guitarist Mark Prendergast has revealed the band wrote an unrequited love song with One Direction's Harry Styles.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz Prendergast said, "Harry Styles came to two of our shows and he's a big fan and we ended up going to the studio together and writing a song together.

"He's a really good lad. Very funny and a very good writer and singer. It was an unrequited love song but we're not sure what we're doing with it yet, but it's there."

The guitarist also revealed that they've a new fan in former X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger, "We did a show in LA and we're in this big old theatre and it was a mad show. Nicole Scherzinger came along. We heard she might be coming and we were like, 'No, she's not coming'. Then I could see her from the stage and I was like, 'Jesus, there she is'. Apparently she's a huge fan, she emailed our manager asking for tickets and she listens to the album a lot."