Hollywood hunk Rob Lowe reckons that there is an "unbelievable bias against good-looking people" when it comes to casting.

The 50-year-old actor told The New York Times Magazine that being attractive made it harder to get interesting roles in the past.

"There's this unbelievable bias and prejudice against quote-unquote good-looking people, that they can't be in pain or they can't have rough lives or be deep or interesting," Lowe claims.

"They can't be any of the things that you long to play as an actor. I'm getting to play those parts now and loving it. When I was a teen idol, I was so goddamn pretty I wouldn't have taken myself seriously."

Lowe also believes that there is "a historical bias that good-looking people are not funny," and recalled that in high school he was a theatre geek.

"It took being famous to make me cool, which, by the way, I never forgot," he said.

After finishing his run on hit US comedy Parks and Recreation, Lowe is poised to star in his own NBC sitcom with Rebecca Romijn.