Harry Judd says McBusted will be completely ''un-rock 'n' roll'' on tour.

The 28-year-old star claims the supergroup - also including Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Danny Jones from McFly, and James Bourne and Matt Willis from Busted - are all changed men and will be totally ''lame'' on tour.

He said: Dougie and Matt are both sober, I'm sober, and James was never a big drinker, Tom's not a big drinker. Danny likes a few beers and that's about it, so it was certainly a lot more crazy back when we supported Busted. We weren't even allowed to hang out with Matt, he was such a live wire.

''Now Matt is the same as me - massively into exercise and fitness and health and nutrition. Dougie is a changed man, he's quit everything and he's now focused on happiness and health. It's pretty much get up, eat fresh, go to the gym. We train together. It's pretty lame, man, it's the most un-rock 'n' roll thing.''

He added: Now even James is coming to the gym with us. He's lost a load of weight, and every day he's like, 'Are my arms getting bigger?' Whenever we go to a restaurant he says, 'I'll have whatever Harry's having'. On my wife's 30th we went bowling, a big group of us, and I was on different table to James but he came over and went 'Dude, what shall I get?' And I was like 'Get the salmon and get the greens on the side', and he went, 'OK' - my mates just laughed.

''It's a 35-date tour and there are some times when it's four nights in a row. Its gonna be full on, so we really need to be fit and healthy. There will be no substances that there may have been back in the day. It's totally ******* boring, the rider is all green tea instead of wine and beer and vodka like it used to be.''