Reckless Jane, a previously unheard track written by Nick Drake with musician and friend Beverley Martyn, has been streamed online for the first time.

Started just months before his death in 1974 at the age of 25, Drake and Martyn, ex-wife of late Scottish singer John, wrote the lyrics to the song together and first began working on the music during a jam session in Martyn’s home in Hastings.

It lay half-finished until Martyn decided to complete the song last year for her new album, The Phoenix and the Turtle, which is released on April 22.

Listen to Reckless Jane here.

The song’s character Jane is partly based on Martyn herself and other female "muses", two of which were called Jane. Drake also wrote The Thoughts of Mary Jane and Hazey Jane I.

Speaking to UK newspaper The Independent, Martyn said: “I couldn’t even think about the song for so long because it brought up so much pain. It took a while to finish after that point.

"The song came out of a bit of fun. We tried to think of all the things we could rhyme with Jane, but ‘hear her laughing like a drain’ didn’t make the cut!”