X Factor winner James Arthur has hit out as music mogul Simon Cowell.

The 26-year-old Impossible singer took to Twitter to take a swipe at 54-year-old Cowell's X Factor musical I Can't Sing!, in which the villain of the show, a hunchback called Trevor Modo, is believed to be inspired by Arthur.

Taking to the social networking site, Arthur wrote: "@SimonCowell I should "shut up and put out records" or else this?"

He added: "Cue more media bullying."

Arthur later took to Twitter to make another dig at Simon, writing: "Anyway.. Morning guys, I'm hunching off to the studio today to finish off the mixing of the mixtape with @LukeOldham1 and @BongoLegs #LOVE"

Followed by: "Sometimes you have to be really strong. #LOVE"