Beauty and a Beat singer Justin Bieber got booed at the Juno Awards on Sunday night (March 30) in Toronto.

The 20-year-old Canadian singer wasn't in attendance at the music event, but that didn't stop the crowd from delivering a loud chorus of boos when Bieber's name was called as a Juno Fan Choice Award winner.

Co-host Serena Ryder came to Bieber's defence during her own acceptance speech for best songwriter, saying: “I really think Justin Bieber is an amazing musician and that he deserves every bit of that award. He's been working his *** off his entire life, and we need to support how awesome he is.”

Meanwhile, the big winners of the night, identical twins Tegan and Sara also defended the troubled star backstage, telling The Huffington Post Canada: “I think that Justin Bieber is actually a very talented artist and I think a lot of people just like to pile on and sort of make fun of him, but we have to remember that he has a mom and a dad and a grandma and a grandpa and he’s actually really talented. ]

"He’s been famous since he was a little kid. He’s made some mistakes, but God knows Sara and I have made actually way worse mistakes when we were teenagers and we weren’t famous.

When asked about the booing, Sara said: “It's not very Canadian."