Singer and keyboardist Christine McVie is re-joining Fleetwood Mac after a 16-year absence for a North American tour later this year.

"I'm a pig in a pile of poo really," McVie told Rolling Stone. "It is a time warp; it is very, very happy. None of the nonsense with the drink and the nasty stuff. We're all grown up, of course."

The band have scheduled 34 concerts across the US and Canada from September to December 2014 and McVie has also hinted at a new studio album. "We're all committed to keep on going until one of us says 'stop it'."

Speaking about what will be McVie's first Fleetwood Mac tour since 1998, Stevie Nicks told NBC's Today show: "She had us all seriously convinced that she would never come back."

McVie, who recently divorced, says that she had become "very isolated" at her home in rural Kent. "I was spending a lot of time in the country on my own, and it started to play tricks on me and made me quite ill and depressed," she said.

"I started to think, 'What am I doing? I really miss that camaraderie with those four people. I miss everything about it.'"