New EastEnders star Timothy West has promised that there will be plenty of fireworks when his character, Stan Carter, moves in with son Mick (Danny Dyer) in the Queen Vic next week.

Stan moves in to recuperate after a hospital stay - and wastes no time in making his opinions known to his family.

West told Radio Times: "He manages to offend everyone because he hasn't got any kind of social tact at all. In fact, if he was confronted about not having any social tact, he would ask what social tact was and why it was necessary."

West continued: "There are members of the family that he finds more congenial than others. He likes Johnny (Sam Strike) but can't really cope with the fact he is gay. Yet after an initial, very rude couple of outbursts about both Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White) and Johnny being gay, he warms to them both."

As for the troubled father-son relationship between Stan and Mick, West said: "Mick very much blames Stan for things that have gone wrong for him. And there are things that he doesn't know about, things that he is confused about and things he's unhappy about.

"It's all so complicated. We're finding out more and more about the past history."