Kodaline guitarist Mark Prendergast has said the band is in a good place at the moment and that it's starting to get serious for them.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz he said, "It's starting to get serious now... We're in a good place at the moment. There are about 15 songs that are there, we're probably going to write and record about another 15 and then pick our favourite 10 or 11 and go into the studio.

"It's obviously going to sound similar [to their early material] but on our first album, Jay, our bass player, didn't have a lot to do with writing because he wasn't around, we didn't have him yet. He's writing some great songs now. So it's the whole influence of having somebody else involved and he'll have a huge impact on the second album. It's probably a lot better."

On who he would like to work with he added, "Rick Rubin would be amazing. Pharrell would be a lot of fun, he's untouchable, he's king of the world right now."