Brian McFadden will present Channel 5's new dating show, Stand by Your Man.

The singer said he was "over the moon" to host the show, which will see four male contestants attempt to win a date with one of 40 women from the studio audience.

McFadden will share the hosting duties with Celebrity Super Spa host Laura Jackson.

He said "Dating should be a fun and exciting experience and I'm looking forward to creating some compatible matches - fingers crossed!"

Jackson added: "Dating's already a game, so Stand by Your Man isn't a step that far from most of our weekend lives anyway! I look forward to encouraging the girls to put the guys through their paces."

The hosts will mingle with the contestants and the audience to find out more about them, while the men take part in a series of challenges in an attempt to curry the favour of the women.

At the end of the tasks, the women must stand in their favourite man's line - and the man who gets the vote of the most women then gets to pick one of them to take out on a date.

Channel 5's Greg Barnett said he thought McFadden's "cheeky Irish charm and wit will be a winner of viewers" and added that he has a "unique on-screen chemistry" with Jackson.

Stand by Your Man is expected to air on Channel 5 this summer.